General Testimonials

I love love love Nadirah and her products, they are the only thing that I use in my hair now!!! I can easily style my hair without using any unnatural chemicals that dry it out and it keeps my skin and nails soft and healthy too. You rock Nadirah!!!

Heather Boyd

September 24 at 10:04am

I love your product. It’s awesome for my sensitive skin. Thank you so much for caring about our skin. #SupportLocal #SupportThoseWhoSupportYou

Marvin Harker Jr.

August 26 at 6:07pm

My daughter loves to lick her lips, which causes her to have dry skin on the bottom of her lower lip. An application of nourishment clears that dry skin up in a few days! Priceless! Treat your skin to some comfort and pampering! Nourishment by Nadirah….a household name!!!

Leondra Middleton

July 15 · Omaha

I use Nourishment by Nadirah to help heal my dry skin. It works great!

ORenee Cherry

July 15

Nourishment by Nadirah is the latest and best treatment for the skin….and not just yours, EVERYONE!! I put it on myself and my baby EVERY DAY!! Try it! You’ll be pleased! 

Leondra Middleton

July 15 · Omaha

I bought Nourishment By Nadirah at CultureFest last Saturday and I absolutely love it! My hands and feet were getting really dry and dead skin began to peel but since using your mixture they look great! I am so happy with my purchase and am telling everyone about you. Thanks.

o much for caring about our skin. #SupportLocal #SupportThoseWhoSupportYou

‎Dawaune Lamont Hayes

May 19

Nourishment is perfect for little kiddos sore noses!

o much for caring about our skin. #SupportLocal #SupportThoseWhoSupportYou

‎Terri Wolf

February 10

I have been using Nourishment By Nadirah literally every single day for the past 11 months and I can honestly say that I love this product, which is a rare thing for me to admit. That is why I wanted to give a shout-out here ad=nd tell everyone why I will only use this product because of the way it makes my skin feel over my entire body…specifically on my hands, face, and hair.

I used to use many products like Neutrogena face wash to help clear my skin, but they always left me feeling dry and flaky, and I noticed I still had problems with breakouts that would linger. Since using Nourishment, I noticed that I rarely have had any breakouts, and if I did, the breakout dissipated so much quicker.

I have also been using Nourishment like a hair gel, instead of Crew or Tresemme, and my hair is 1000% healthier than it has been. I don’t have to use much shampoo and it has become softer and shinier than previously.

I had a scab on my elbow (one of those tough, dry areas that is pest to keep nourished) so I used a little extra over that area. I wasn’t surprised to see that it healed over in a couple days to the point where you couldn’t tell I ever had an abrasion. It has healed me from some rashes and irritated skin before, so I knew Nourishment would take care of me.

This last Winter was the best Winter mu skin hs gone through. It is so tough to battle dry itchy, red skin when it is so cold out and there is such little moisture, but Nourishment by Nadirah kept my skin healthy. You have no idea how nice it is to feel smooth and silky when it is negative 100 degrees out and there is absolutely no humidity.

Of all these great benefits, I have three favorite advantages that Nourishment provides:

  1. I do not have to use very much at all. A little goes farther than any kind of lotion or gel when I use it for my hair, then any product I have used. I don’t feel like I have to paint it on my body to get all the great effects.
  2. I do not feel greasy. This is a big one because I have that lacquered-on, oily feeling I would normally have to deal with. It also doesn’t have an odor to it, so I don’t have to deal with that artificial, lotion smell all day. There are three different essences available: Ginger Infused, Peppermint Infused, and Original…all have additional benefits for my skin.
  3. Nourishment by Nadirah is 100% all natural and organic. None of the ingredients has been made in a lab by scientists so I know that what I am putting on my is only good stuff. Whatever we put on our skin will seep into our bloodstream and I don’t want harsh chemicals doing who knows what to my body. Nourishment is so natural, you can literally eat it. Can you say that about any other product that you are using?

Hit me up on Facebook if you want to talk to me about my experiences and why I won’t use anything else. You will be amazed at how much of a difference Nourishment by Nadirah will make on your hair and skin.

Tyler Bieterman

I use Nourishment By Nadirah on my skin and hair daily. I love how my elbows and knees are so smooth and I haven’t had one mosquito bite since I started using Nourishment. It really is a great product.

ORenee Cherry

July 15