About Nourishment by Nadirah

I needed an all purpose moisturizer for my skin, hair, and nails. It was extremely important to me that it be 100% natural without ingredients that were created in a laboratory. My product is 100% natural and organic; grown from Mother Earth! It is a proprietary blend of fruit, root, and botanical extracts with the base ingredient being Raw Organic West African Shea Butter. Nourishment by Nadirah is great on all skin and hair types. It can be used by those with oily or dry skin. It can be used by those who have relaxed, natural, or locked hair! Nourishment by Nadirah is not just for women; men can use Nourishment By Nadirah as well.
Nourishment by Nadirah will help give your hair a beautiful natural shine and your skin the healthy glow you dream of. Your cuticles and nails will benefit from using Nourishment by Nadirah… a healthy growth and beautiful shine! Why use harsh chemicals or ingredients you can’t pronounce on your hair and body? Use a product that is beneficial for body  and 100% NATURAL! Your body deserves it, your hair deserves it! Who doesn’t want a healthier you and a glow to match?
“To Nourish is to Flourish”
Nadirah Basimah